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Here's our newest application. Threads for Palm OS®.

Everyone takes notes on their PDA. Today's devices have improced handwriting recognition, and fabulous color displays that are easy to read. The only problem is in the software.

The built in note taking program in most devices lets you categorize your notes into 15 different categories. When 15 categories isn't enough, what do you do? You get Threads! Threads allows for hundreds of categories. Threads also has something no other note application has.

When you take a note in Threads, you are creating a virtual folder. When you want to take another note that is relevent to the first one, you 'reply' to the first note. the reply goes in the same virtual folder as the first. Don't confuse this with categories. Threads has those also. The replies are more like an online forum than a simple note application. You can rely to a thread as many times as you want. You can also rely to individual replies. The resulting data is formatted like a digital outline, with topics and sub-topics.
Threads offers the following features:
  • Unlimited categories!
  • Reply nesting hundreds of levels deep
  • Color icons for identifying individual threads
  • Beam one or more threads to another device
  • Simple, intuitive interface
  • Enhanced graphics with Hi-Res and Portrait/Landscape support
  • Full OS5 support
  • Easy to understand User Guide
  • Sample projects get you up and going fast!
  • Includes hi-res icons!
  • Uses industry standard icons packs - add your own!
  • Find feature searches all threads and replies
  • Memory card support. Create and restore from backups. Store your data on expansion cards to save internal memory space.

Buy it at Handango
Download the trial version of TimeClock Download Trial
Download the PDF manualDownload Manual
Download the demo version today, and see what Threads has that other applications don't..

The demonstration version is a fully functional, 30 day evaluation. After that time, you can simply enter your registration code and continue using Threads

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