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Although we offer Palm OS® software for sale both here, on our site, and at leading Palm OS® software outlets (like Handango™ and PalmGear™), we also offer custom Palm OS® programming services. If you have already looked for a software solution for you or your business, but haven't found any that meets your needs, we can custom write software for you.

Software pricing is dependant on multiple factors. Some of which include the complexity of the application itself, if it is to be syncronized with other devices (PDA's, computers, company databases), and whether the application is for one or more users. By far the most omportant determining factor is time. Simple applications take minimal time to complete, whereas complex applications, especially those with HotSync® conduits and relational back-end databases, can take anywhere form a few weeks to a few months to develop and debug. For this reason, we urge you to contact us to discuss your needs in details. You can send us an e-mail, or use the online form to contact our sales department at any time.

Database Applications
Multi-User Database
Hi-Resolution and Color
Specialized Tasks
Easy installation
User Guides
Device Training

Database Applications:
Included in this category are flat-file database programs that can track things like inventory. These are the easiest applications to write, and can be developed in the shortest amount of time. If you are in need of a simple [Insert your need here] tracking application for a single device, this is the kind of application you are looking for. Development time for this style of programming can be as little a few days.
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Multi-User Database:

If more than one user needs to access the tracked data, a multi-user application is called for. There are 2 types of applications in this category; Back-ended and Non-Back-ended.
Back Ended:
This is the most useful type of multi-user application. It includes some form of database server, usually MSAccess® or Lotus Domino ®. These applications can be accessed wirelessly over the internet from web-enabled PDA's. Multiple users can share the same data. This is useful for real-time businesses such as retail operations.
Non-Back Ended:
If you need to share data between multiple users, but don't need to do it in real time, this is one solution. It allows users to manually 'sync' their devices (usually one or more times per day) to update the data. This can be used for non-realtime tasks such as project reporting. This style of application can be implimented without the use of a full fledged database server, and is the most cost effective way to share data between users. There are many variants of this method of application design, one of which will surely fit your needs.
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Perhaps your company is rolling out a new product, or offering a new service. You can make a good first impression by offering clients a demontration or video presentation in a truely portable format. The options here are seemingly endless. You can even hand out flash media at tradeshows with your product and company information.
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Hi-Resolution and Color:
Applications can be customized to fit your particular visual tastes as well. We can incorporate corporate logos, insignia, and trademarks. Depending on the targeted device, we can include support for high resolution, color devices, and even devices with expanding displays, such as the PalmOne® Tungsten T3™. The possiblities are endless. Remember though, that Hi-Resolution devices do not necessarily show more data, but rather, is simply easier to read. Expanding screens do offer more display area however.
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Although we do offer the presentation style applications mentioned above, they are limited to 'movie' style animations. We do not currently offer MP3, MPEG, AVI, or other audio/video type applications (although we can certainly use those formats to create your presentation). The development time for those types of applications tend to be very long, which equates to very expensive. We feel that our expertise can be better utilized by providing applications we are efficient at creating. There are many developers who specialize in multimedia applications who would certainly serve this purpose better.
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Perhaps you don't need a database at all. Although database applications are what PDA's were origionally intended for, you are not limited to just that. Complex mathmatical formulae can be programmed to ease the workload of users. Things such as mortgage calculators and scoring applications can simplify employees jobs, or offer your customers a functional 'business card' that does more than sit in their wallet. Combine this with a presentation style application, and you've got a much more effective advertisement than a pen with your company name.
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Specialized Tasks:
One of the great things about past and present PDA's is the digitizer. This is the part of the PDA that translates on-screen writing into something the PDA can understand. PDA's are not limited to jotting notes or tapping on tiny buttons though. Due to the higher resolution of today's devices, things like accurate signature capture is simple to integrate into almost any application.

Almost all devices (even the older ones) also have the ability to wirelessly 'beam' data to another device. This is done through the use of an infrared (IR) port located on each device. This ability allows users to transfer important data between devices without the need for internet/intranet connectivity. The Bluetooth® protocol is another way to transfer data over short distances wirelessly. Many modern PDA's and even cellular phones now have this ability.

Our applications can include all of these features, as well as IR and Bluetooth wireless printer support, for printing invoices or reciepts from portable printers. Although we do not specialize in hardware development, we will gladly help you to create a hardware/software solution to fit your needs.
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Easy installation:
Our applications are often delivered with a miniature installer. You may be familiar with installer packages, as they are the familiar moving progress bar you see when installing a new piece of software on your PC. Handheld devices benefit from installers by offering users the simplicity of downloading or HotSync® a single file. You benefit by having the installer place multiple files, address book entries, ToDo list items, or instruction manuals on the user's device without any extra work on their part. Confirmation screens and End-User-License agreements can be integrated to alert users of important release notes, or other important information before the installation process proceeds.
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User Guides:
Most users will start using a new application before even glancing at the included documentation. To make sure that the user fully understands the application, we can embed help files directly within the application, create a manual/user guide, or both. Manuals can be presented to the user in a variety of formats including (but not limited to) PDF, HTML, CHM, DOC, TXT, Palm PDF, Palm Reader, and RTF. You choose the format, content, and style, and we make sure it is easy to use and understand. Screenshots, or pictures of the application as it would appear on the device, are used to convey processes quickly. Most formats allow the use of internet style 'links' that allow the user to navigate freely, yet easily find the information they need quickly.
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Device Training:
Are your users not fluent in the use of PDA technology? Perhaps they have been using older devices and are overwhelmed by the features offered by today's devices. We can offer PDA training to both new and experienced users. This service is available on either a one on one basis, or in a group environment at the location of your choice. Training encompasses all aspects of PDA use, including the most popular applications on the market. Give your users and yourself the ability to fully exploit the power available in modern PDA's.
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