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Our business hinges on todays technology, and the coming technologies of tomorrow. It's hard work keeping up on all of it. Here's a good place to start. Links open in a new window
Corporate Networking

Ideal Network Solutions
Our partner site, offering network administration and design services, as well as database design and implimentation.

Palm OS Software for sale

One of the biggest PDA software places on the web.

Palm Gear
One of the largest PDA software markets on the web

Over 20,000 PalmOS software titles available!

Freeware Palm
Looking for free Palm OS software? Here's the best place to go.

PDA Hardware

These are the people that make our industry possible.

Fossil Watch
A PDA on your wrist!

Treo Central
Everything for the PalmOne Treo 650.

Palm OS Programming

PDA Toolbox
This is our development environment of choice. There's a huge wealth of information available on their support forums. Great for beginners or advanced programmers.

Visual basic style programming environment. If you've used Visual Basic, HB++ is a great way to get started in Palm OS programming.

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