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TimeClock Version 3 TimeClock Version 3

There are many different time tracking applications available for the Palm operating system. None of them are as useful or customizable as TimeClock 3.0. Imagine your boss telling you that you need to track your own time and email the results at the end of the week. With TimeClock 3.0, you can create and send your time sheet right from your e-mail enabled PDA. They want a printed version instead? No problem. Print directly to your infrared or BlueTooth enabled printer. Don't have one? Export it to a Doc file or MemoPad and print or e-mail it from your desktop computer. Are you a contractor who needs to track time and materials for multiple jobs? Maybe multiple employees? TimeClock 3.0 has that covered too. Create as many projects as you want, catergorize them to fit your needs, and track all of them on your PDA.

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NLog Database NLog Database

NLog offers a simple to use, color enabled application to keep track of radio contacts. Ideal for shortwave listeners and amature radio operators, NLog 3.0 features OS5 support, including the 5-way navigator and expanding screen displays. Among the many features are: User definable fields for customizing data entry. UTC time converter for tracking UTC times. Filter records by any field or criteria. Sort by any field. Assignable defuault values for new records. and Much more...




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AmpMem Screenshot AmpMem

AmpMem lets you add a digital flair to your analog gear. If you own one or more vintage or tube amplifiers, you have hundreds or even thousands of sounds available. Remembering how you got that ''great'' sound is another thing. AmpMem gives you the perfect way to organize and memorize all of your sounds. There''s a place to store volume, gain, channel, input, EQ settings, effects pedal settings and more. You can name your memories to make them easy to find, and even use your PDA''s built in Find feature to search for one in particular. You can assign memories as a favorite (much like web pages) to quickly find the ones your looking for. User customizable fields let you tailor AmpMem to suit your particular amps, efects, and more. Try AmpMem free for 30 days and enjoy the convenience of todays digital amps with the great sound of the vintage gear.

Buy it at Handango Download the trial version of AmpMemDownload Trial Download the AmpMem PDF manualDownload Manual

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